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A flexible web construction kit for Deutsche Messe.

The challenge
Every year, Deutsche Messe organizes more than 150 trade fairs and events in Germany and abroad. A dedicated website is generally used for communication with exhibitors and visitors.

Pioneers never stand still. Especially not during a pandemic. Based on the refresh of CEBIT that had already been relaunched earlier, Deutsche Messe wanted to relaunch Hannover Messe. As a home for industry pioneers. Where innovative minds from all over the world meet. Where people communicate and collaborate. Where networks are established and new partnerships forged. A nucleus for industrial change in the age of digitalization.

The aim was to create a web toolkit that can be used as the foundation for all trade fairs and events, but also for the Deusche Messe corporate website.
About Deutsche Messe
Deutsche Messe AG is one of the leading trade fair companies worldwide. Every year, more than 150 trade fairs and events are organised in Germany and abroad.
The Hannover Messe for example is one of the world's largest trade fairs, dedicated to the topic of industry development. Typically, there are about 6,500 exhibitors and over 200,000 visitors.


In order to give each event its own look and feel. A theming system was developed that goes beyond the maintenance of colors and key visuals. With the new system, each site can choose from one of 12 theme worlds and 100+ modules. The system has the advantage that the editors not only work according to specifications, but can also playfully discover new design possibilities - without breaking the brand rules.


Home of industrial pioneers

We reacted quickly to the pandemic and created something completely new: the complete relocation of HANNOVER MESSE 2021 to the digital space! This dynamic of transformation is also reflected in our communication: bold, progressive and above all: flexible!


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Your digital experience

We have expanded the event website and added future-oriented and exciting features. The aim was to make the individual trade fair experience tangible for all visitors online. They were greeted on the homepage with a preview of their dashboard and event information. In their personal dashboard, visitors found information, contacts and recommendations based on their interests.

My role

As a freelancer for deeblue networks, I was able to accompany the Deutsche Messe project for many years as a UX/product designer. During this time, not only the webconstruction kit was created. I relaunched CEBIT, developed illustrations and key visuals for Hannover Messe and DOMOTEX. The onboarding was revised as a basis for displaying personal content for users and launched a messanger as well as the business dating.

Christian Rosenthal, Hainer Wolfram, Milad Al-Ani, a.o.

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